Saturday, August 21, 2010

Madeira 2010, day 9

... back to my trusty "old" 5D (the original, the only!:)), I went to Desertas islands today. All sorts of mixed feelings as this time around, eleven years after being there for the first time (jeeeez!), I was with a group of tourists on a, it must be said, nicely organized tour (argh).

Not exactly a smooth ride... I have never thrown up aboard, but this time I really came close with the technicolor show provided by the other passengers, while some used a black (nice) plastic bag given by the crew others simply shared the moment leaning overboard.
Wind on the nostrils and a clear vision ahead, never fails.
In the distance, from left to right, Ilhéu Chão, Deserta Grande and Bugio.

This is the Desertas Blue. There's none like it.

A Sterna hirundo hirundo flying around the boat, with Deserta Grande's cliffs as background.

A private yacht anchored in front of the Natural Park house.

Swimming pool blue? Nope, way better.

I have snorkeled here everyday during 2 weeks. I love that arch and the wall.

"We go right!"
"Say what?!"

The "Bonita da Madeira" with Bugio in the background.

A book rests over the table on Bonita's stern.

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