Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Madeira 2010, day 6

Four days, four different species... Today I received yet another present, peaceful rough toothed dolphins... again, just off Funchal.

"let's check that thing with flippers"
"roger that"

Shooting at 20mm (ultra wide angle) you may guess how close they were. Disturbing eye contact, in a positive way of course.

I like the way they are slightly tilted. A literal (inx!) translation of a portuguese saying: one eye on the donkey, another on the gipsy.

Swimming in the Blue... vertigo, anyone?

The dolphin's perspective. This is Hugo, Madeira Wind Birds' owner along with Catarina.

The beach at Garajau.

My giant red towel on a ledge. Garajau.

"So what? I forgot to bring my sandals". A small lizard cooling his back paws (?) over a hot basalt rock.
Edit: My good friend and biologist Nuno Salix has wisely pointed out that this is the only vertebrate endemic species of Madeira - Lacerta dugesii. Usually greenish or brownish, he jokingly adds this one probably caught too much sun, eheheh.

Garajau at dusk.

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