Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hard times

Two times a year Mac and Mia (mental note: update this blog's title) go through the ordeal of a two hour drive (x2) and loooong days at my grandmother's house. It's the only way I can keep seeing the world, sorry guys...

"I started hating this the minute we entered the damned car. I don't see the fun of it. Really."

"If I drink all this water, will you stop pretending to be a fish?"

"We cats do this all the time, there's a thing called Evolution. It would take you millions of years, forget it"

"You might want to film this in slow-motion"


Peter Pan said...

Lindo! Este post ta qualquer coisa! :D:D:D Tas mesmo a dar-lhe! :D

Paulinha said...

Love the pics..specially the last one...precious!!Only my Pepe missing there:(

Paulinha said...

Love the last pic...Only my Pepe missing there :(