Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"À la prochaine", Madagascar

The salt fields near Belo-Sur-Mer.

Bottle Baobabs.

The Milky Way just above my bungalow.

... a couple more pirogues at sunrise, on the way back to Morondava.



Some fishermen going out at sunrise.

Others returning with their daily catch.


Belo-Sur-Mer's photogenic sandbars.

Morondava to Belo-Sur-Mer II

Woke up at 4 am...

... sailed at dawn...

... and reached Belo-Sur-Mer after lunch, totaling 10h by pirogue. Where's the Voltaren when you need it?

A pregnant cat at Le Corail (bungalows).

Morondava to Belo-Sur-Mer I

Meet Bernard (above) and Djiny (below), two "piroguier" I was lucky enough to meet and who took me down to Belo-Sur-Mer. Within 30 minutes the price was agreed upon and their pirogue all set and ready to go.

Djiny at the helm and making the sail smile.

Three hours after departure, Bernard and Djiny wisely foresaw strong winds down the coast (imperceptible to me) and decided to stop at a fishermen village unaccessible by land... sometimes good luck comes unannounced :)
Trading pictures for smiles with a group of local kids who didn't speak a word of French.

Down the beach.

It gets chilly in the evening, after all it's winter here. Lobster, anyone?

Friday, August 19, 2011





Inner Madagascar II: Miandrivazo to Morondava

Bath time for a couple of zibus.

Second leg (4h) of the journey completed. Arrived at Morondava, found out that Belo-Sur-Mer is another 4h away (even though it's 30km from Morondava on a straight line), arranged (a kind) of accommodation and, to complete the role of a well behaved tourist, visited the renowned Avenue de Baobabs.

Wish you could see the true colors...

Growing up.

Trying to get a different shot of the Avenue de Baobabs.

Antananarivo to Miandrivazo

Driving through central Madagascar on our first leg (7 hours) of the journey to Morondava. The scenery changed every 30 minutes: sometimes it looked like home, other times like Mexico, or Vietnam, etc.

Almost feel bad for taking pictures from a car, but who can resist a smile?

Monsieur Tina, our driver, was ready to do backflips at the end of the drive if need be. On my end, I was barely able to take a 20 minute walk at sunset before crashing into bed. Miandrivazo.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


"Hello". Nosy Komba.

Crater Bay market. Nosy Be.

Crater Bay, Nosy Be.

Palm Beach, Nosy Be.

Nosy Komba IV

A typical pirogue gliding.

Local young fisherman.

My new friend.

Nosy Komba III

Nosy Komba at sunset.

Going back in time...

Nosy Komba II

Evening shower at the down the road water source.

Consciousness: that annoying time between naps.

Playstation, Wi and Gamebox.

Local colors.

Late afternoon fishing.

Nosy Komba I

Traditionally embroidered towels flowing with the cool winter breeze.

Kids + Water = Play

A local gymnast.

Two friends chatting.