Saturday, October 6, 2012

Travel Photography

It's been a looong time since my last post... mostly due to the recent redesign of, a Travel Photography website I co-founded 4 years ago, which some of you might already know.

It's basically a photo of the day contest. Everyday we publish one of the best travel photos that we get submitted and, every month, there are 4 weekly winners as well as one overall winner who wins a $50 gift certificate to Kiva. In addition, in even numbered months, he/she also gets the chance to be our guest editor in the following month.

So, this is how it looks nowadays. Each picture fills your entire browser window and you may toggle the information about its author, description, location, technical details and camera and lens that were used simply by hovering your mouse in the bottom section of the page or, alternatively, by clicking the picture anywhere...

... in this case, you'll also get a huge google map containing the most recent pictures' location. (pictured above, the world map section, which actually contains the location of all the photos published so far!).

Make sure you also click on "Travel Capsule" and let us take you away! :)

So, to get your daily fix of outstanding travel pictures from around the world just click here... and to submit your best shots for a chance to win the coveted Photo of the Month award, click here.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"À la prochaine", Madagascar

The salt fields near Belo-Sur-Mer.

Bottle Baobabs.

The Milky Way just above my bungalow.

... a couple more pirogues at sunrise, on the way back to Morondava.



Some fishermen going out at sunrise.

Others returning with their daily catch.


Belo-Sur-Mer's photogenic sandbars.

Morondava to Belo-Sur-Mer II

Woke up at 4 am...

... sailed at dawn...

... and reached Belo-Sur-Mer after lunch, totaling 10h by pirogue. Where's the Voltaren when you need it?

A pregnant cat at Le Corail (bungalows).