Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Megève #...?

A couple of years ago, I asked my father to bring me a snowboard magazine from France and he ended up buying the official Megève's (glossy) magazine. It is still on my favorite books' shelf, in spite of all the publicity inside, since it contains mesmerizing photos. The kind of photos you remember the exact location of inside the magazine, the kind that pulls you in... The next step should be somewhere in the Alps, it ought to be!

These photos go to show Megève's conifers, although I'm sure there must exist many other domains in the Alps with this type of scenery. But, hey, this is just me trying to reproduce what I once saw on a magazine.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dear Snow-gods,

Will it take much longer to start snowing?
I miss the long wintry nights... a (sort of) cozy couch, a warm blanket... and, of course, Mac over my feet.

I also miss going out and feeling the elements... my nose frozen... the soft touch of snow flakes.
Is it snowing already?
and now?
what about... now?

Friday, October 5, 2007

Megève III

In Megéve's Mont D'Arbois plateau, you can see Mont Blanc, Mont Joly and much more... Well, basically, some of the finest landscapes you could ask for. But also some human element: just before clouds had cleared and after snowing for more than 24 hours, no one's able to curb a childish enthusiasm :)

On a short break for lunch (kinf of...), I sat under a lonely tree and this was what I saw. If I'd have to guess, I'd say this was a salt desert detail.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Megève II

I remember reading on a french newspaper that Megève is often dubbed as the most charming alpine village in the french Alps, whilst Courchevel is regarded as the most exclusive one. I took this photo on my first day at Megève, feeling a bit dislocated in the overall upscale atmosphere.

Megève might not be as exclusive as Courchevel... however, this is the local bus terminal...