Saturday, November 17, 2007

Living really large in Megève

Do I need to explain why?

Living large in Megève

... I'd have to work my all life to afford the tiniest chalet you can imagine in the French Alps. These modest chalets are located in Megève's upper side... oh, well, at least some of us make it :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007


A couple of photos featuring Haute Savoie's architecture and the breathtaking Mont Blanc... I wouldn't mind staying at the chalet above... as I wouldn't mind lunching with Mont Blanc just in front of my table (instead of having to ask some nice waitress to let me take this photo :)).

Oh no!... back to Megève...

The latest webcam images of Megève (as of today) picture a decent amount of snow... I wish I could go back to the Alps right... now!... (sigh...) I took this photo at the end of a great day, where the lowest ski run meets the village (it's a short 2 minute walk to Megève's center).

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Mr. Mac, the cat

I've just realized that I've never written an exclusive post about the one-and-only Mac. Once, after a 2 hour painful drive with Mac, I swore I'd never take him away from home again... because of the meowing, smell, the number of times I had to stop (you get the picture)... and hence the title and subtitle of this blog.
Mac often sits on my car's rooftop with a revenge look on his face (like in this photo, if only I had framed his face). It's also a nice spot to check out the babes and what's going on his neighborhood :)

And because traveling (what I'd like this blog to be about) couldn't be complete without returning home, I think this second photo defines just that. This is home. I'm sure Mac totally agrees :)