Saturday, November 3, 2007

Mr. Mac, the cat

I've just realized that I've never written an exclusive post about the one-and-only Mac. Once, after a 2 hour painful drive with Mac, I swore I'd never take him away from home again... because of the meowing, smell, the number of times I had to stop (you get the picture)... and hence the title and subtitle of this blog.
Mac often sits on my car's rooftop with a revenge look on his face (like in this photo, if only I had framed his face). It's also a nice spot to check out the babes and what's going on his neighborhood :)

And because traveling (what I'd like this blog to be about) couldn't be complete without returning home, I think this second photo defines just that. This is home. I'm sure Mac totally agrees :)


Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures...congratulattinos to mac ;)

macthecat said...

Thanks! I will let him know by sending him an e-mail or something :)

Anonymous said...

And where is mary?