Saturday, October 3, 2009

Azores v.4.13

After loooong weeks of waiting for the slide film to be processed... and a couple of hours fidgeting with the film scanner and photoshop, here they are, the underwater pictures:

If you can hear them, you eventually end up seeing them...
A group of (spotted?) dolphins materialize between sun rays converging in the BLUE.

A soft encounter? hardly...

Three spotted graciously swimming by.

Some mackerel (?) on the run...

... and if dolphins weren't enough, they have to keep an eye on Cory's shearwaters too.

Two bird-like-patterned common dolphins say hi.

"We're going down, want to join us?"

(and to end with, the best moment)
Head above the water, I saw this spotted dolphin coming directly at me some 30m away. Dove a couple of meters and waited for it to materialize straight ahead... it then swerved while making eye contact... and somehow I managed to capture this.