Friday, October 5, 2007

Megève III

In Megéve's Mont D'Arbois plateau, you can see Mont Blanc, Mont Joly and much more... Well, basically, some of the finest landscapes you could ask for. But also some human element: just before clouds had cleared and after snowing for more than 24 hours, no one's able to curb a childish enthusiasm :)

On a short break for lunch (kinf of...), I sat under a lonely tree and this was what I saw. If I'd have to guess, I'd say this was a salt desert detail.

1 comment:

mia.pim said...

Que invejaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Andas por aí de férias?? Até já tou com comichões nos pés!

Comecei a trabalhar há uma semana e tudo parecia perfeito... até descobrir que há pessoas de férias a curtir a neve do mundo! :|

Ai, ai...
Quando nos vemos? Agora tou por lx :).