Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Morondava to Belo-Sur-Mer I

Meet Bernard (above) and Djiny (below), two "piroguier" I was lucky enough to meet and who took me down to Belo-Sur-Mer. Within 30 minutes the price was agreed upon and their pirogue all set and ready to go.

Djiny at the helm and making the sail smile.

Three hours after departure, Bernard and Djiny wisely foresaw strong winds down the coast (imperceptible to me) and decided to stop at a fishermen village unaccessible by land... sometimes good luck comes unannounced :)
Trading pictures for smiles with a group of local kids who didn't speak a word of French.

Down the beach.

It gets chilly in the evening, after all it's winter here. Lobster, anyone?

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Chris said...

Not as many cat pictures as I'd like to see :( . Was expecting to see a lot of them but these pictures are very interesting as well!