Saturday, August 22, 2009

Azores v. 4.4

Yesterday (the 20th) was a rather long day, a lot of driving... these are some moments:

Right cow: "What's the hurry, young man?"
Left cow: "Step away, he's mine!"

There's this long straight road (the "longitudinal") in Pico, which is really hard to drive... straight.

"The sea is so calm and blue..."

This is where I've been going to the "beach". There's great snorkeling on the other side of the rocks.

Two "vejas" (Sparisoma cretense), the red one being the female, speared by a local kid underwater.

Spooky... Mordor's Land of Shadow came to my mind.
The Pico mountain, seen from Lagoa do Capitão.

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Mónica said...

As fotos estão muito giras e os comentários bem chanfrados :)
Gostei muito!