Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Corsica - from Porto Vecchio to Porto

Porto Vecchio, on the southeastern coast of Corsica, is an italian-looking village. Ah, if only we had the time to indulge in the dolce fare niente... Charming and classy, in spite of the typical hustle and bustle of August.

Sartène attracts many tourists with its little shops of local products (honey, liquors, cheese, etc), narrow streets and esplanades crammed in between. Two cats obliviously cleaning them selfs, just before nap time.

On our way back to Porto, in the west coast of Corsica, on one of the many twists and turns that make Corsican roads world famous. The mountain on the right is 1100m high and a couple of kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea.

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Lê Minh Chính said...

some pictures are little bit blur, over all you have nice pictures.