Thursday, June 14, 2007

Island hopping...

Finding deserted beaches in Greece is rather difficult if you don't have a boat. Really difficult. We already knew it would be even more so if we'd go to Lefkada's Porto Katsiki, often dubbed as one of the best Mediterranean beaches. It provides you a stunning scenery with its huge surrounding limestone cliffs. The sea has one of the most particular shades of blue I've seen, although the visibility underwater is terrible. If you could just ignore the crowds and the noise, it would be close to perfect. In this photo I hardly managed to frame two persons... that's how crowded it is.

Under scorching heat, we drove in search of beaches more to our liking, dodging the hordes of italian cars and motorcycles. When the italian license plates became more scarce, we drove a little longer... and found this beach... empty!


José said...

very fine indeed, congratulations!

Peter Pan said...

Jackkkkkkk Shit!!!

A ideia do gato tá simplesmente terrível!!
Mas oh meu cao vadio.... Quando é que tu foste meter as tuas patinhas nessas aguas da Grécia!?

Abracao... E olha... logo que a gente possa adicionamos-te nos nossos links!

P. (Chicken Shit)
& Sophia

Sydney said...

Cool place here ;)

philk said...

loooovely place!

macthecat said...

Thanks, Philk!
Nice video!